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HeroFi is an RPG game based on blockchain technology.
$ 0.00246 1.59%
HeroFi Market Cap

$ 919.58K

$ 0.0814 (20 Nov 2021)

Ƀ 1.39e-6 (20 Nov 2021)

ETH 0.0000189 (20 Nov 2021)

From ATH:-97%

To ATH:+3,209.8%

24h Trade Volume

$ 532.05

Change 24H


All-Time-High (ATH) ROI


HeroFi's current price is $ 0.00246, it has increased +1.59% over the past 24 hours. HeroFi's All Time High (ATH) of $ 0.0814 was reached on 20 Nov 2021, and is currently -97% down. The maximum supply of HeroFi that will ever be issued is 520.00 Millions tokens, and the current supply of HEROEGG in circulation is 373.84 Millions tokens. HeroFi’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 532.03. It is traded on 1 markets and 1 exchanges, the most active of which is Pancake Swap. HeroFi's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00%, with a market capitalization of $ 919.55 Thousands. What is HeroFiHeroFi is a mobile aRPG game in which players can earn tokens through PvP/PvE battles between Heroes.Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to anyone.There is no initial investment barrier in HeroFi. HeroFi is completely free to play, and truly play to earn. The gap between normal games and NFT games is eliminated.HeroFi allows players to collect and trade NFT heroes. Then for the first time, heroes can get married and give birth to a new NFT hero.GameplayHeroFi is a mobile aRPG game where you can build up a powerful army to fight in fierce battles. After winning each battle, you can get a reward of collectible resources. These resources are used to craft valuable assets that could be exchanged for real money.Joining the fantasy world of HeroFi, you will have the chance to meet legendary heroes like Dragon Knight, Phantom Slayer, or Golem - the descendant of Titans. Recruit them all in your squad. Then level up your strategy skill while customizing the army. Each of them has an unique skill set that will be crucial for you to beat all the game challenges.MarketplaceHeroFi Marketplace is where players can trade heroes and game items in the form of NFTs. Players who want to produce offspring heroes will need to buy at least one hero of the opposite gender from the marketplace (if they only have heroes of the same gender). Rare heroes with high levels and special abilities are also available for purchase on the marketplace. Users can use any BEP-20 tokens to participate in trading activities on the marketplace. ($BUSD will be used first; other tokens will be added later)50% profit from the marketplace will be used to buy back $ROFI and 50% to buy back $LZ.$ROFI$ROFI is the main token of HeroFi. $ROFI plays a crucial part in the sustainable play-to-earn economy of the HeroFi ecosystem and can be traded on DEXes.$ROFI is emitted regularly at the rate of 10 $ROFI per block and allocated to all heroes their star ratings and activities:1-star: 1%2-star: 2%3-star: 6%4-star: 12%5-star: 24%6 star: 45%PvP battles: 5% Tournaments & events: 5%Each hero is allocated a certain amount of token every day, but if they do not complete enough quests for that day, they cannot receive all the designated tokens. Each hero can only receive a maximum of 0.5% total $ROFI for that day. The remaining tokens will be burned.There is no predetermined total token supply for $ROFI, but the circulating supply is strictly managed by token burns. Every time user uses $ROFI in the game (not in the NFT marketplace) such as leveling up items, leveling up characters, etc., the token is divided as follows:60% burned18% sent to development team2% sent to advisors10% used for development and marketing10% used for adding liquidity
Exchange Pair Last Price Change (24H) High (24h) Low (24h) Spread Volume (24h) Pancake Swap HEROEGG/BUSD BUSD 0.00245$ 0.00246 N/A N/A N/A N/A $ 532HEROEGG 216,297