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Realy Metaverse will be a Live-to-Earn metaverse on Solana. Developed via Unreal Engine, Realy is a virtual city with AAA graphics.
$ 2.76 -10.39%
Realy Market Cap

$ 466.8K

24h Trade Volume

$ 82.6K

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All-Time-High (ATH) ROI

28.23 X

Realy's current price is $ 2.76, it has dropped -10.4% over the past 24 hours. Realy's All Time High (ATH) of $ 28.32 was reached on 16 Dec 2021, and is currently -90.2% down. The maximum supply of Realy that will ever be issued is 100.00 Millions tokens, and the current supply of REAL in circulation is 1.00 Million tokens. Realy’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 570.49 Thousands. It is traded on 5 markets and 5 exchanges, the most active of which is Bybit Spot. Realy's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00%, with a market capitalization of $ 2.76 Millions. What is RealyRealy Metaverse, also called KOOOLA virtual city, is a super-realistic style AAA Metaverse game product. Social, e-commerce, games, and trading are perfectly integrated here, which means virtual and reality are perfectly merged. KOOOLA, a super-realistic, futuristic, technologically-conscious city, brings players an excellent and immersive experience. The main functions of City DAO are as follows:Players propose to form the basic value of the city, such as the city tax charged on shops opened in the cityDetermine the allocation ratio of City DAO to landholders REAL and users who stake REALDecide on special activities and related budgets in the city.In the city of KOOOLA, you can buy a virtual garment of your favorite brand and send a real one to your real home. After receiving the real object, the NFC chip implanted in the garment can be scanned through the APP to verify the authenticity and the corresponding NFT information. In the real-world store of the brand, you can also claim your virtual clothing NFT and wear it on your Avatar in the city of KOOOLA by scanning the NFC chip. You can share both virtual and reality with your Avatar.
Exchange Pair Last Price Change (24H) High (24h) Low (24h) Spread Volume (24h) MEXC Global REAL/USDT $ 2.77 -9.4% USDT 3.06 USDT 2.76 0.577% $ 166,719 Bybit Spot REAL/USDT $ 2.77 -9.5% USDT 3.06 USDT 2.76 0.385% $ 214,893 Raydium REAL/USDC 0.09 % 0 0 0 % 358.12 FTX Spot REAL/USD $ 2.77 -3.39% N/A N/A 0.540% $ 28,394 DigiFinex REAL/USDT $ 2.71 +8.71% USDT 2.73 USDT 2.49 1.003% $ 9,540